University Exam Treats

Everybody knows university can get a little overwhelming at times. Especially during exam periods. Most kids I see across campus during this time, have the post-caffeine jitters from 10 coffees and Red Bull's. Yikes. But I tend to steer clear from all of that jazz. Coffee's can build up to be super expensive if you have 2 a day, everyday, every month of every year. #aintnobodygotmoneyforthat Am I right? (You're probably disagreeing with me right now, hey? Hmph.) Well, despite this, exam time means I can treat myself before exams, after studying so much.

Despite it being a new Franchise, Snag Stand has become a great (and I mean really great) place to buy Hot Dogs. Yes, you heard what I said. Hot. Dogs. *Drools* Not only that though, but their milkshakes are the Vanilla Malt, Chocolate Malt and the Monthly Special- I heard the Gingerbread Man special was especially good. You can see the rest of their food here. *Warning: Severe Food Drooling and Cravings*.

And I'll be honest with you guys, I was never one for getting seriously into eating-healthy. All that #fitspo #cleaneating stuff (I was too busy chowing down Hot Dogs and Waffles, okay??) But once I tried Pana Chocolate's stuff. I kinda understood why it was so popular. Being able to chow down blocks of Chocolate and having no remorse?! Who even knew a thing like that could exist. (Well... I didn't, at least). 

T x