From Unhealthy to Healthy

I often struggle between choosing between the healthy options of food and the unhealthy. Doesn't everybody though? Yeah, I thought so. I often bounce between a few weeks of healthy eating to a few unhealthy ones. I think the best thing to do is just not go overboard on the bad stuff. Most of my unhealthy food shots are often foods I share with people (especially my poor boyfriend, Alex, who often eats the left overs of my food, as I honestly don't eat that much!) But saying this, I do love to indulge. Like I did with my Chocolate Malt and Malteser's Milkshake *DROOL* from an American Diner in Sydney. Saying this though, I do love a good old fresh-pressed juice. Like the ones I tried from Prod Juice. Nobody's perfect though!

T x

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