Strange-but Pretty 'Fad Food'

Everybody knows what "Fad Food" is. It's like the demand for new fashion trends that come out. But with food. Strange, huh? It's only started to happen in the last couple of years.

First with the Froyo, then with the Cronuts, then Donuts, then Milkshakes with donuts, then Aqua S and I believe the next big thing to hit is... Coconuts covered in candy? But back to Aquas S...

Don't get me wrong. A lot of people like this Ice Cream. But I for one, have super high expectations of ice cream (Ahem, Ben & Jerry's- duh). This strange concoction of Sea Salt and Cranberry makes it all the more weirder. Despite it's strange flavours and the fact that it's a fad food. It's still beautiful looking! It should be compared more with art than food!

T x