S.O.S (Save Our Stomachs)

OH MY GOODNESS. I don't mean to be over dramatic (okay, I mean to just a little bit...) but I have found the coolest cafe on the block (well, the Newtown, Sydney, block). Welcome to @cuckoocallaycafe. Not only do they serve the most colourful, delicious and vibrant food, but they also have a menu for customers to bring their...wait for it.... DOGS! (I'm sold). PLUS, they also have the best, freaking Ferrero Rocher milkshake i've had in a long time (I kinda inhaled it RIGHT after this photo was taken). And they aced the poached eggs, so, damn, good. So when I mean S.O.S (save our stomachs), I only mean so, as I have little to no self-control over their food. My poor stomach said stop, but my eyes said more! Definitely try this cafe at least once in your life. Next time, i'll be bringing the dog.