Let Me Tell You About A Little Place Called...

The Choc Pot.

Got you curious enough yet? The. CHOC. Pot.

Yes. You read correctly. A place where they sell nothing but sweet-sugary goodness. Maybe a little too good. Never have I left disappointed. (Sorry Max Brennar, but you better keep up with this sweet place!)

Cookies & Cream Milkshakes, S'More Waffles, Fudge Brownie Sundaes and a Chocolate Fondue (enough to induce you into a heavenly Chocolate coma). That's not even all of it. Gulp.

And yes. I roll out of their stores every.single.time.

T x

Brunch for Two

Brunch is better when you have somebody to share it with. What's even better is when you have that person to share incredible food with. And that place being  @threewilliamscafe . Seriously, this is the best food I've had in such a long time. I've been recommending it to a lot of my friends. If you haven't visited, make sure you do! We had the Organic French Toast and Poached Eggs + Haloumi + Mushrooms. I think I died and went to Brunch Heaven. Sigh.

T x

Courtesy of Wasamedia PR


I never quite got into Donuts. Cinnamon donuts, yes. But icing covered ones, no. Then came along another fad for food. This time donuts. 'Mmm...Donuts', as Homer Simpson always says. That was until Gabi (from The Whisk n' Crumb) changed my mind. Donuts where you could inject caramel sauce into your already chocolate covered donut. Are you drooling? Cause' I am! These were not for the faint hearted. They were incredible. But one donut was enough for me. I shared the rest!

T x

Pictured Above:

Watch: The Fifth Watches (Rose Gold)

Strange-but Pretty 'Fad Food'

Everybody knows what "Fad Food" is. It's like the demand for new fashion trends that come out. But with food. Strange, huh? It's only started to happen in the last couple of years.

First with the Froyo, then with the Cronuts, then Donuts, then Milkshakes with donuts, then Aqua S and I believe the next big thing to hit is... Coconuts covered in candy? But back to Aquas S...

Don't get me wrong. A lot of people like this Ice Cream. But I for one, have super high expectations of ice cream (Ahem, Ben & Jerry's- duh). This strange concoction of Sea Salt and Cranberry makes it all the more weirder. Despite it's strange flavours and the fact that it's a fad food. It's still beautiful looking! It should be compared more with art than food!

T x

Too Pretty To Eat

Sometimes you stumble across chocolates that are just too. damn. pretty to eat. Winnow Chocolates, you had me holding off on these beauties for a couples days. Why? Just because I didn't want to break the beautiful gradient of chocolates you had made. They were more like art. Seriously.

T x

Pictured Above:

Chocolates: Winnow Chocolates

Bangle: Jolie & Deen

Notebook: Frank Stationary

Watch: MVMT Women's Watch (Rose Gold)

Glasses: Oscar Wylee (Baxter Frames in Tortoiseshell)

University Exam Treats

Everybody knows university can get a little overwhelming at times. Especially during exam periods. Most kids I see across campus during this time, have the post-caffeine jitters from 10 coffees and Red Bull's. Yikes. But I tend to steer clear from all of that jazz. Coffee's can build up to be super expensive if you have 2 a day, everyday, every month of every year. #aintnobodygotmoneyforthat Am I right? (You're probably disagreeing with me right now, hey? Hmph.) Well, despite this, exam time means I can treat myself before exams, after studying so much.

Despite it being a new Franchise, Snag Stand has become a great (and I mean really great) place to buy Hot Dogs. Yes, you heard what I said. Hot. Dogs. *Drools* Not only that though, but their milkshakes are the Vanilla Malt, Chocolate Malt and the Monthly Special- I heard the Gingerbread Man special was especially good. You can see the rest of their food here. *Warning: Severe Food Drooling and Cravings*.

And I'll be honest with you guys, I was never one for getting seriously into eating-healthy. All that #fitspo #cleaneating stuff (I was too busy chowing down Hot Dogs and Waffles, okay??) But once I tried Pana Chocolate's stuff. I kinda understood why it was so popular. Being able to chow down blocks of Chocolate and having no remorse?! Who even knew a thing like that could exist. (Well... I didn't, at least). 

T x

Waffle Wednesdays

As a kid, I never really had a sweet tooth. I was always the kid who would rather cheese and crackers over candy. That was until recent years. Mainly because of these Banana, Caramel, Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream covered Waffles that The Old Civic in Sydney. Is your mouth watering yet? Because it should be. These are the winners of American-Styled Waffles. Did I mention you can get Bacon too? Go on kids, eat your heart out.

T x